The Pediatric Medical Device Institute is dedicated to facilitating the transition from pediatric medical device NEEDS to clinically beneficial TOOLS.

Our VISION is threefold:

childs hand Assure access to high quality medical devices that meet the needs of children.
childs hand Educate patients, families, healthcare professionals about pediatric medical devices.
childs hand Promote safe medical devices for children.

Pediatric Medical Device Institute:

    • Consortium of children’s hospitals in order to facilitate the development of pediatric devices.

    • Systematically work with its consortium members and the FDA to meet the recommendations of the IOM Report on Safe Medical Devices for Children.

    • Serves as a pediatric devices information ‘hub’ for the medical community, manufacturers and patients/parents.

    • Based upon the successful regional product development model of Carilion Biomedical Institute, (A partnership between Virginia Tech-Carilion Health System-University of Virginia) and supplemented by the Wake Forest University Medical School.

    • Each children’s hospital serves as a device development hub, with regional medical leadership, technology communities, entrepreneurs/inventors, and investors as the critical elements for success.

    • Small business development is a key component in this model.

There are many aspects to product development. The Pediatric Medical Device Institute strives to create an extended partnership among its consortium members and their device development communities that include:

  • Academic Researchers

  • Medical Practitioners

  • Patients/Parents

  • Business Community

  • Technology Suppliers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Educators

  • Investors

  • Governmental Agencies