Accellent provides fully integrated outsourced manufacturing and engineering services to the medical device industry in the cardiology, endoscopy, drug delivery, neurology and orthopaedic markets. Accellent has broad capabilities in design and engineering services, precision component fabrication, finished device assembly and complete supply chain management. These capabilities enhance customers’ speed to market and return on investment by allowing them to refocus internal resources more efficiently. For more information, please visit


Attention Point is a Roanoke-based company dedicated to improving the diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Attention Point develops and provides analytical tools to help clinicians assess ADHD. ADHD is the most common neurobehavioral disorder of childhood. It is also among the most prevalent chronic health conditions affecting school-aged children. Currently, there is no standardized tool that can reliably identify the existence of ADHD. There are various scoring tests that use different methodologies and diagnostic criteria to establish a diagnosis of ADHD. However, none of these accurately diagnose ADHD 100% of the time. Attention Point is developing analytical tools that improve ADHD assessment by integrating results from multiple scoring tests to provide a more comprehensive and accurate assessment.


Bionix is a medical device development company built on innovation. We see things as they are and question why.
Since our founding 25 years ago, Bionix has focused on helping physicians and allied medical professionals in pediatrics meet the high-pressure demands of the constantly changing healthcare environment. Succeeding in today’s medical device industry means recognizing the importance of withstanding the scrutiny of rigorous cost/benefit analysis, all while providing the highest level of care to pediatric patients.

Bionix began with the first Safe Ear Curette, designed out of a flexible polypropylene material, to gently and safely remove cerumen from children’s ears. Over the years the innovation continued with the Lighted Ear Curette with Magnification and, most recently, the Articulating Safe Ear Curette. These two products were designed to advance the precision and accuracy of the procedure, creating better care for the patient. The Controlled Flow Baby Feeder from Bionix is another product designed to provide better care for pediatric patients, specifically premature or medically fragile babies who are struggling to feed orally.

At Bionix, we are continually looking for the next great innovation that will add value to the care of pediatric patients. We are excited to evaluate new ideas that are innovative, unique and proprietary that solve a specific and common problem in pediatrics.

Davis Medical

Davis Medical is your source for ECG/EKG Machines, GE Ultrasound, Philips Ultrasound, AED’s, Blood Pressure Monitors, Defibrillators, Event Monitoring and Recording, Holter Monitoring and Recording, Medical Chart Paper, Pulse Oximeters, Stress Test Monitors, Medical Treadmills, Vascular Systems, Vital Signs Monitors, and much more.

Dr. John Davis has developed over the past 5 years, the Rhinoguard, a nasal endotracheal tube introducer/dilator that greatly facilitates the nasal intubation process. The Rhinoguard enables the clinician to nasally intubate a pediatric patient both in an atraumatic and rapid manner. It also provides a greater opportunity to utilize a larger endotracheal tube when narrow nasal passages are encountered. It makes the nasal intubation experience not only better, but brings to the user a reproducible intubation experience that does not currently exist. There has been an enthusiastic response from the global anesthesia community for this device.

One product invented by Dr. Davis for infants is now available, the PreVent Orthodontic Pacifier


Devicix is an FDA, ISO 13485 and 14971-certified, multi-disciplinary engineering firm that delivers innovative design solutions and comprehensive product development services exclusively to the medical device industry. We have over 30 professionals including a complete staff of Electrical, Mechanical, Biomedical and Software engineers to support even the largest programs. Our team includes staff with 20+ years of medical device development experience ranging from complex balloon and delivery catheter systems to active implantables.

At Devicix, we create Class I, II and III medical devices in numerous and various medical specialties, including but not limited to point-of-care diagnostic instruments, therapeutic devices, implantable devices and monitoring equipment. Devicix brings the foremost concept and product development expertise to established medical device manufacturers, as well as early-stage companies, entrepreneurs and universities, allowing them to compete and win in today’s complex and heavily regulated global marketplace. We understand how to get medical devices approved and have a proven track record of successful approvals. After development, our experienced manufacturing team and proven process development methods ensure scale up to volume manufacturing is smooth and efficient. We welcome your inquiries!


Medical Murray is a medical device development and manufacturing company, which routinely provides any or all of the services required to move a new medical device along the development path from concept to production. We focus on complex disposable and implantable devices for use in vascular, surgical, urological and peripheral applications, requiring intervention, delivery, diagnostic, retrieval, placement or combination services.


Plastics One, Inc. is an employee owned Roanoke, VA company that was established over 60 years ago, and has grown to be a progressive high-tech medical component manufacturer. Plastics One has three distinct operating divisions which include; Connector Cable Systems, Custom Injection Molding and Pre-Clinical Research. Each division has a different target market, a different product range and a different marketing strategy. The three common threads that connect these divisions are plastics, molding expertise and the growing medical industry. Our operation encompasses 80,000 square feet and boasts an in-house design department that utilizes three-dimensional software, a fully equipped mold making shop and the latest injection molding technology. We also employ a fully dedicated Research and Development team, which is constantly searching for new and better methods and products. This allows us to produce quality products from concept to creation. A Registered Contract Manufacturer, all of Plastics One’s products are designed in adherence to ISO 9001:2000 requirements.


SoftSolutions provides accurate, timely productivity metrics via its automated data collection devices.


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TriE Medical is a medical device and development firm located in Morrisville, NC by the Research Triangle Park, where innovation and cutting edge technology are the driving force behind all industries. TriE Medical works with universities, start-up, mid-size and multinational companies to design medical devices within the highly regulated healthcare industry. TriE specializes in designing Class I – III medical devices for a variety of therapeutic applications including: pediatric devices, home healthcare devices, therapeutic ultrasound, cardiovascular applications, biomedical monitoring devices, stimulation devices, gas delivery systems, and infusion pumps. We work with our clients along each stage of the product development life cycle from all aspects of design, prototyping, documentation to meet FDA approvals, certified safety testing, and transition / support of manufacturing. Our goal is to work with our clients to provide premier design and engineering services to bring their products to the market quickly and efficiently!


Wireless MedCARE, LLC (“WMC”) offers the VivaTRAK sensor assisted care system on a subscription basis to the long term care market. The system processes sensed data and manual inputs from terminals into real time actionable information and electronic data exchanges with electronic medical records (EMR). It is built on a solid platform that integrates wireless, sensor, communication, and database server technology into an “end to end” solution. The company also performs custom design of new sensors that integrate with VivaTRAK and other systems.